Victorian Toolboxes Wireless Vibration Security Alarm



Wireless vibration security alarm

Compact, small size and creative design

Wireless remote control

Uses 2 AAA batteries

105db ultra-loud alarm

Easy installation less than a minute

Toolbox or Truck/Ute Lid Protection

Long battery life


Sensitivity Control

The host has 10 sensitivity control levels to suit all different installation conditions. Please select and re-act to the most suitable one accordingly.Factory default setting: 1st level (The highest sensitivity level). Below steps are sensitivity setting method:


Press remote control’s DISARM key continuously (Ignore DISARM mode _sound),remote control’s indicative light will turn off after-3seconds and light up again after another 3seconds. Release DISARM key and press doorbell key to adjust the Sensitivity level

Long “Bi… “sound is at the highest sensitivity level; Follows by 2nd level with shorter”Bi” sound by press the doorbell key once again and repeat same step for higher level number of the sensitivity. Please take note that the indicative sound will be higher once it is at the highest Sensitivity level (1st level) and less sensitive with higher number of level.